Thursday, June 5, 2008

Fasting Day 95 - 119.8

WooHoo! My weight has officially dropped under 120 pounds. This is my weight AFTER eating normally yesterday. Weight loss has been slow these past few months, but the weight keeps coming off regardless. I've been eating basically whatever I want on my eating day -- as long as it is healthy -- with an occasional treat. I'm not weighing and measuring everything like in the beginning, but I am mindful of what I am eating as I eat it.

After having struggled for so many years to lose weight, I am amazed at finally having found something that truly works! I realize that fasting every other day sounds like it would be difficult, but it is actually quite easy. The first few weeks were the hardest -- after that it became routine. The best way I can think of to describe it -- is to compare it to breathing. You breathe in on your eating day and you exhale on your fasting day. It feels natural, cleansing and healthy. I rarely feel 'really' hungry on my fasting days and when I have one of those 'rare' really hungry fasting days I simply mix a little protein powder in a glass of water and drink it. I'm not sure why I have them sometimes -- hormonal perhaps?

We moved to a new house last month. This house has a small, unheated pool in the backyard. The water temperature hasn't been warm enough to swim yet, so my boyfriend bought me a shorty wetsuit last weekend. I've been swimming every day since -- even in the rain. Maybe that's why I've started losing weight again.


Konchok Rangdrol said...

Congratulations! Im so impressed reading your blog, you really stuck with it!!! I have fasted in the past but usually water fasts for a week at a time. It really does help me with increased energy, and a happier self. I am going to try alternate day fasting. Thanks for sharing your journey! Rangdrol

Muse said...


Thank you and good luck to you! I like the way that I feel when fasting also. It requires determination and a strong will power to get through a week of water fasting. I've found alternate day fasting to be so much easier to stay the course -- I hope you will too.