Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Normal Day 125 -- 114.0

I began alternate day fasting on November 24, 2007. On my 4th fasting day I wrote,

"I wonder if this diet will enable me to return to what I weighed most of my life before I got fat (between 105-110 pounds)? I hope so! I would be ecstatic just to reach 114 pounds."

Well today, here I am, 114 pounds exactly. It took longer to reach than I expected, but it was also way easier than I thought possible. Was I ecstatic? Yes, I would say so. I stepped off the scale and danced a little gig on the bathroom floor. Then I abruptly got back on the scale and double checked ... got off the scale ... got back on the scale again and then raised my arms over my head like Sylvester Stallone's character in the movie Rocky.

Yes, I realize this is only my weight after fasting yesterday and my weight will go back up again after eating today. Even so ... I am happy.