Friday, November 30, 2007

Alternate Day Fasting

This began as a simple one day juice fast. I had been meaning to go on the longest fast I could muster in order to lose weight. However after a few days the temptation to eat became too strong and I caved. This wasn't doing much for my self-esteem.

I knew from experience that the body switches over to using ketones for fuel after fasting for about 3 days. I also knew that my will power was greatly reduced from trying and failing so many times lately. "So, how about a one-day juice fast?" I though to myself. "Surely, I could manage that."

The one day fast was quite easy and I resumed my normal eating schedule the next day and decided I would like to do another one day fast. I was concerned that this might really screw up my metabolism. I googled "every other day fasting" to see what I could find and not really expecting to find much information. What a surprise. From the studies completed thus far, Alternate Day Fasting appears to be an excellent, healthy choice for weight loss.

I ran across Jason's blog, and decided to start tracking my progress as well. Thank you Jason for sharing your encouraging story!

This is the requisite disclaimer for any nincompoops reading this. I am not a doctor nor am I offering medical advice to another person. This is merely a record of my personal progress towards better health.


Go Cowboys said...

Hi. I find the alternate-day-fasting method pretty unique and it was my plan, but unfortunately, I decided to change the way this intermittent fasting would be done, so I used the LeanGains(.com) approach and would follow this eating window everyday from 2pm-10pm, which would mean that 16 hours would be spent fasting, but more like 8 with sleep included. I changed because I will be working with weights, and though eating the next day wouldn't be entirely bad, but it may have some affect with trying to keep/gain muscle.

I'm going to keep checking up on your blog, because so far the weight-loss seems to be working!
There's another man who's done the same thing you're doing, but I bet you've seen his blog also. I have him under my links also.

Time for breakfast!

Muse said...


Thanks. I'm going to check out the LeanGains website.

In retrospect, I'm not sure that Alternate Day Fasting would be advisable for someone who is still potentially growing. So, I think you have made a wise decision.

On the other hand, it appears to work wonders for those of us whose metabolism has already started the downshifting that seems to begin in the thirties and beyond.

I wish you great success!