Friday, November 30, 2007

The First Few Days -- 155 Pounds

The first day of the fast, November 24, 2007, I made some fresh pressed juice consisting of pineapple, strawberries, papaya and mango. I diluted a tablespoon of fresh juice into a glass of water and consumed a glass throughout the day whenever I felt weak. I also drank plain distilled water.

I followed each fasting day with a non-fasting day. I didn't record what I ate on those first few non-fasting days, however I ate normally. On the fasting days I drank water, tea or black coffee. I started a formal record on the 4th day of fasting.

I didn't have the courage to weigh myself until the 4th day of fasting. I would guess that my initial weight was around 155 pounds. The charts say that normal weight for my height is between 100 -135 pounds. Although I know from experience that I develop a double chin at anything above 112 or so.

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momnaakel said...

hi first of all bundles of congratulations and i must say i am very intrigued and impressed by your success, bravery, consistency, and your weigh loss progress. i am familiar with fasting because i do it for religious reasons, so fasting is not a big issue for me. the only thing standing in my way is my love (actually addiction) for food. i have been tying 24 hour fasting for past last week, but ridiculously i have gained weight. may be i have over eaten my meals or something of that sort. anyhow i am starting ADF from tomorrow (fingers crossed). i have just had my dinner. i don't know what i weigh in the morning, but after coming back from school i weigh 140.8 lbs. as a starter i would consider this my starting weight. i am planning to follow your blog for every day support (love it by the way). i will post my daily weight fluctuations with your starting progress. again thank you soo much for this awesome blog. you are my inspiration.