Friday, November 30, 2007

Fasting Day 4 -- 152.4, 34" Waist

Today is the 4th day of my alternate day fast. I'm chewing a piece of sugarless gum and waiting on the coffee to finish brewing.

I read the FAQ on Jason's blog and really liked the quote he shared on question 5.

Q5: I've heard that if you starve your body of food, it will go into a defensive mode and your metabolism will slow down to a level that makes it impossible to lose weight.

A5: Dr. John Daugirdas' book The QOD Diet states:
"[This diet] solves the problem of having to fight against the body's internal survival programming by not triggering "red alert". You see, it takes a few days for the body to "notice" that it isn't getting its regular quota of fuel in the form of food. So when you sneak in a quick fast lasting only a day (your OFF day), you get all the benefits of reducing calories, but you don't cut off the fuel long enough for the alarms to go off, or to send your body into defensive mode." - Chapter 3, pg 11.

That is fabulous! I've done long water and/or juice fasts in the past only to experience my metabolism slow down. It would be great to find a diet that doesn't screw up your metabolism so bad that you gain weight even easier than you did before the diet.

Also Jason mentioned that his hunger eventually eased up on fasting days after he was on this diet for a few months. I want to thank him again for sharing his story because it is really helping to keep me motivated.

I wonder if this diet will enable me to return to what I weighed most of my life before I got fat (between 105-110 pounds). I hope so! I would be ecstatic just to reach 114 pounds.

The last time I weighed myself--during the summer--my weight was fluctuating between 140-150 pounds. Today, I will muster the courage to face the scale and see what I weigh. This is the best way to see if this diet is actually working. I know that I could wait and see if my pants started fitting looser, however my jeans are at least a size too small already, I would be waiting a long time.

Okay, I did it -- 152.4 pounds and my waist measures 34" around. Now I am depressed. Depression makes me want to eat, but I'm going to give this diet a chance!

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