Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Fasting Day 70 - 125

Alternate Day Fasting has made so many incredible changes in my life that I am tempted to call it a miracle. No pills, no supplements, no meal plans nor member fees -- it is so easy and it really works. Maintaining my weight at 125 has been easier than I expected it to be. I keep fearing that the weight is going to come back on, yet time and again I am pleased to see that it does not. My energy levels keep increasing. I participate in longs walks or hikes on an almost daily basis. I've joined several different hiking groups in the area and I am finally beginning to get out and learn about San Diego for the first time, even though we have lived here for nearly a year now. Our poor dog can no longer keep up with us on these hikes and needs a day or two to recuperate. I'm imagining the day that rather than barking joyously at his most beloved words, "Do you want to go for a walk?" he will instead scamper under the bed and growl in disgust (just as he does now at the words "Do you want to take a bath?").

My ovary flare up lasted much longer this time (about 2 weeks rather than 2 days). I cannot write it off as 'ovulation pain' this time. I've decided to avoid the protein/water shakes on my fasting day as much as possible. My rationale (however misguided it may actually be) is that many hormones tend to consist of amino acids/protein. Since the body needs to scavenge protein while it is fasting, what if it was scavenging these excess hormones first for their protein components? Perhaps by consuming the additional protein shakes, my body no longer needed to scavenge these excess hormones that are creating ovarian cysts? This is theoretically quite possible. It certainly appears that the symptoms I had were lessening when I drank only water on my fasting days and that they began increasing again when I began adding the protein powder. Therefore, I shall try an experiment and see if the symptoms begin to lessen once again.

April 08 - Fasting Day 66 - 125.0 Pounds
April 09 - Normal Day 66 - 124.0 Pounds
April 10 - Fasting Day 67 - 126.6 Pounds
April 11 - Normal Day 67 - 124.2 Pounds
April 12 - Fasting Day 68 - 125.0 Pounds
April 13 - Normal Day 68 - 122.6 Pounds
April 14 - Fasting Day 69 - 125.2 pounds
April 15 - Normal Day 69 - 122.2 Pounds
April 16 - Fasting Day 70 - 125.0 Pounds

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