Friday, April 25, 2008

Normal Day 74 - 121

There has been a noticable improvement in my mood and ovarian pain by completely eliminating the protein/water shakes on my fasting days. It is much easier to fast when I use supplemental protein, but it isn't worth it if I'm depressed and in pain. Therefore, I will stick with water or unsweetened tea on my fasting days for now.

I am still finding it very easy to maintain my weight using alternate day fasting. Actually, I have a lost a couple of pounds without even trying. The foods that I eat are nutritious: whole grains, beans, raw nuts, seafood, fresh vegetables and fruits, some soy products, some dairy products. I've usually eaten healthier foods than most of the people I hang around, but I was still sick and unhealthy. Before I started fasting I was bloated and pasty and had very little energy. It would irk me when people would try to tell me how to get better... take more vitamins, take less vitamins, sleep more, sleep less, exercise more, exercise less, eat meat, eat vegan, eat raw, eat only fruit, eat only foods that grow above the ground, practice celibacy, drink a couple glasses of wine, don't drink alcohol, don't drink coffee, have all your dental fillings removed, move your alarm clock across the room, don't use deoderant, use fluoride, don't use fluoride, wear magnets ... so much confusion that I was ready to don a tin foil hat and mumble to myself in the corner ...

I choose to do my own research and then pay attention to my own body and my own health. I know what I am doing is working for me. I feel great and people ask me what I am doing because I look so vibrant and healthy. This works for me and I love it. Before, I felt like my life was over and I was just waiting to die -- sometimes I even wished that I would die because I felt so awful. Now, I wish I could have those 10 years back! I wish that I would have found this when I first got sick. Alternate day fasting has turned my life around and given me new hope.

But ... I'm starting to sound like an info-mercial. That's enough for now. I guess it is all about finding your balance. For me, this is my balancing point, it is right here between eating healthy foods one day and fasting the next. For me, where I am right now, right here, this is perfect. This is it.

April 18 - Fasting Day 71 - 124.8 Pounds
April 19 - Normal Day 71 - 122.2 Pounds
April 20 - Fasting Day 72 - 125.6 Pounds
April 21 - Normal Day 72 - 122.6 Pounds
April 22 - Fasting Day 73 - 125.0 Pounds
April 23 - Normal Day 73 - 121.6 Pounds
April 24 - Fasting Day 74 - 123.0 Pounds
April 25 - Normal Day 74 - 121.0 Pounds

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