Monday, April 7, 2008

Normal Day 65 - 123.0

Yes, I'm still here and I am still alternate day fasting. Right now, I am taking a break from trying to lose weight and instead working on maintaining my weight around 125 pounds. Maintaining weight loss is really easy to do on this lifestyle. It is can be tempting to eat on my fasting day, but the health benefits of alternate day fasting are too good to pass up. My skin is clear, my head is clear, I have energy to actually get out and enjoy doing things again. Although, I am not currently losing weight, I am still losing inches. It's time to go buy smaller jeans AGAIN.

Tue April 1 Fasting Day 63 - 123.8
Wed April 2 Normal Day 63 - 122.0
Thu April 3 Fasting Day 64 - 126.0
Fri April 4 Low Cal Day 06 - 124.6
Sat April 5 Normal Day 64 - 122.6
Sun April 6 Fasting Day 65 - 125.4
Mon Apr 7 Normal Day 65 - 123.0


Matt Metzgar said...

Great job on the weight loss! I am big proponent of intermittent fasting as well.

I'm curious, did you ever try the Paleo diet before you experimented with fasting?

Muse said...

Thank you! Before finding out about intermittent fasting I was well on my way to becoming obese like so many other people in my family. That was a terrifying proposition. I was wondering if I would need to get a stomach band or some sort of operation one day to stop the weight gain! Now that I have been able to control my weight, I like exercising again. It is no longer embarrassing to walk (or run) down the street.

I haven't tried the Paleo diet. Coincidentally, I just happen to have a copy of the book sitting on my nightstand that I just started reading...