Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Fasting Day 161 - 110.2

Has anyone else noticed that humans aren't the only animals on the planet that are having weight problems lately? Didn't anyone else think that the article a couple of weeks ago about the pot-bellied dolphins was a bit peculiar? The trainers said that the dolphins put on weight in one summer even though their diets had not changed. They blamed the weight gain on the mackerel in their diet having a higher fat content. It is normal for the fat content in mackerel to change seasonally. There isn't enough information in the article to answer my questions, but if this was indeed caused by the higher fat content of the mackerel then shouldn't this have happened before? Was this the first year they had the dolphins? Are these just lazy dolphins? Perhaps they were watching too much television or playing video games when they should have been swimming? Maybe they have just been "bellying up to the buffet with both fists"? (Which, in a discussion that I read recently, was what one eloquent ass said was the real reason people are fat.)

Reading about the dolphins made me wonder if there are other examples of animals getting fat. I ran across an article that said that they had to create a feeding device for bats in captivity, because the bats were getting fat and lazy when they didn't have to fly to get their food. And yet another article that said wild bears living close to human populations are getting overweight and have stopped hibernating in the winter. I'm sure there are many other examples that could be found with a quick search. Maybe I'm seeing connections where none exist, but then again, maybe there IS some indeterminate agent behind this obesity 'epidemic' and it is spreading.


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