Monday, November 24, 2008

ADF One Year Anniversary

Today is my one year anniversary for alternate day fasting. I'm still going strong and loving it. Now that I am in maintenance mode I can lighten up a little bit. If I want to skip a fasting day once in a while that is okay and if something is really tempting on a fasting day that is okay too. (of course, it always WAS okay -- but I would have felt too guilty about it when I was trying to lose weight) In actuality, I've only skipped one day of fasting -- on Halloween -- I had to sample the candy.

My weight fluctuates between 110 - 113, I would prefer it to be a little less, but I'm very happy at this weight. I plan on continuing this diet or lifestyle indefinitely because it feels wonderful. Plus, think of all the money I'm saving on meals! If you think quitting smoking saves money -- try alternate day fasting.

I'm still eating healthy. My breakfast usually consists of oatmeal, with fruit and milk -- all organic. Lunch is usually homemade vegetable soup or a salad. Dinner varies depending on what we are in the mood to eat. My boyfriend and I are both predominately vegetarian (occasionally we eat seafood -- pescitarian -- sorry, I know that concept annoys some hardcore vegheads out there) we are always experimenting with new healthy dishes.


tutufan said...

Thanks for the update Theresa--glad to hear things are still sailing along.

It's interesting that your weight seems to have settled on a near-perfect plateau (as opposed to sinking or climbing).

I'm impressed that you're managing to eat such a healthy diet--I suspect that this will really pay off over a period of years.


Muse said...


Yes, let's hope that all of this does pay off over the years.

How are things going for you? How did you make it through Thanksgiving? (if you live here in the States ... that is)