Friday, December 14, 2007

Fasting Day 11 -- 146

Went for about a 45 minute walk this evening. My son had already finished his golf lesson by the time I returned and was waiting for me asleep (or pretending to be) on the roof of my car. I'll have to either walk faster or not as far next time.

I'm trying to think of some tips to make the fasting day easier to get through.

- Get up and go to bed earlier than normal on the fasting day. The mornings are easier to get through than the evenings.

- Drink warm diluted coffee or tea throughout the day. The warmth takes the edge off of hunger.

- Take a hot bath if you get chilled.

- Go online and read information about fasting.

- Record television programs and watch them later. This way you can fast forward through all the food commercials without being tempted.

- Go for a walk.

- Start a blog

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