Thursday, December 13, 2007

Normal Day 10 - 146 (Day 20)

Walked for about 1/2 an hour last night and about 45 minutes this evening. It's still really cold outside for S. Cal.

Breakfast: Health Valley Rice Crunch-Ems with milk/water and dried cherries

Lunch: Steamed Broccoli with melted cheese and whole wheat bulgur with onion and celery

Snack: a piece of Belgium milk chocolate (It's the holiday season after all!)

Dinner: another bowl of cereal with milk/water and dried cherries

What is milk/water? I frequently use a small splash of milk and then fill the rest of the glass or bowl with water. Sometimes I add water to the milk carton itself, but that annoys my boyfriend and son. I think of milk as being more of a flavoring than a beverage. The only time I ever want a glass of milk is when I have a cookie to dunk into it.

** stopped eating by 6pm

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