Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Fasting Day 13 -- 146

VickeyK posted a nice article on alternate day fasting. She also had a link to a recent Los Angeles Times article regarding alternate day fasting that was interesting.

I'm really curious why the women's bodies didn't become more efficient at using insulin like the men's bodies did. Perhaps it was simply too small of a test sample. Maybe these particular women didn't have any insulin resistance to begin with. Maybe the experiment didn't last long enough for any changes to occur. Maybe they were taking birth control pills and this disrupted their bodies ability to heal. I would love to see some larger studies -- I would even volunteer to be in one.

The fasting days do get a little easier each time. I've read a lot of comments from people afraid that they would "pig out" on their eating days. I haven't really had any temptation to overeat or pig-out on my normal days -- quite the opposite. This diet seems to have curbed my appetite on normal days. What I found out instead was that I want to eat something "special" -- if I'm going to eat I want it to be something good. I don't want to waste it on junk. Before I might have snacked on chips or something just because they were there even though I don't really care for chips. Now if I'm going to have something unhealthy -- it's a deliberate choice -- like a scrumptious square of chocolate, a glass of champagne, if I'm going to indulge -- it's going to be exquisite. I'm taking a closer look at what I'm eating and asking myself, "How can this meal be made healthier?"

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