Sunday, December 2, 2007

Fasting Day 5 -- 153.2

Wow, my weight really jumped up from eating yesterday. The real test will be to see if I weigh less tomorrow morning that I did yesterday morning.

I really ate a lot of food yesterday--so much that I still felt sick when I went to bed. I thought I was going to vomit and I couldn't fall asleep because my stomach hurt. Why do I do this to myself? Am I trying to prove that the diet works or that it doesn't?

It stopped raining, so we took a walk to the store today (about a mile each way). I feel really cold today. I was freezing by the time I went to bed. My hip joint hurt and was stiff from the cold. I took a Valerian Root capsule to help me sleep because I have difficulty sleeping while I am fasting. Maybe that slowed my body down so much that it made me especially chilled? Who knows?

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