Sunday, December 30, 2007

Fasting Day 19 -- 144

My boyfriend vomited all last night and all today. Apparently, he has the flu or something. I walked to the market (about 30 minutes away) and got him some airborne and ginger ale. He's just been sleeping all day.

I used ketostix to see when ketone bodies could be detected in my urine. Nothing is detected until about 21 hours into my fast. And that was after brisk walking an hour and half during the day. Maybe, I have a grossly oversimplified idea of how this process works. My thinking is that exercising would burn up the reserve glycogen in the muscles and speed up the time it takes to go into ketosis. Its my understanding that the body burns fat faster during ketosis. I'm probably just a totally ignorant twit -- but if it makes me more confident that I'm losing weight than so be it.

My weight is just hovering around here and it is SO frustrating. How is it possible to not eat 3-4 days a week and hardly lose weight at all? I don't eat outrageously. I exercise. Patience I guess -- the time is going to pass regardless of what I do -- so I might as well keep fasting every other day. At least I'm not getting fatter!

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