Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Fasting Day 37 - 132.4

I drank one 87 calorie protein powder mixed with water around 4pm this afternoon. Not exactly fasting, but the smell of food in our house was just too much. My son made a homemade butter-garlic-cream sauce, poured it over gnocchi and topped it with freshly grated pecorino romano cheese. (He is 12 -- I'm starting to think "future chef"?) The aroma was overwhelming and I started to feel deprived.

We arrived at his golf lesson a little late, which means there wasn't enough time to make it all the way around the neighborhood before he finished. There is a short, steep incline on one side and a long, winding, gradual descent on the other side. I walked to the top of the summit, turned around walked down, turned around walked back up and then turned around and ran back down. Our dog is getting in such good shape that I can barely keep up with him when he is running -- and he is just a little guy. We got back to the car with just minutes to spare.

87-calorie scoop protein powder mixed with water

Walk/run 45 minutes (mostly walked)
3x25 crunches
3x50 reverse crunches
3x10 girl pushups
3x12 leg extensions

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