Sunday, February 24, 2008

Normal Day 45 - 128, Waist 29"

Today marks the 3rd calendar month that I have been Alternate Day Fasting. This month I lost 5.4 pounds. Altogether I have lost 27 pounds -- that is an average of 9 pounds a month. This month has been a rough one with 2 birthday parties. Birthday cake and weight loss must be in direct opposition with each other. And we still have that family get together to attend later this week.

It's time to record my measurements again.

Waist measurement:
3 months ago 34"
2 months ago 31.5"
1 month ago 30"
today 29"

Inches lost this past month:
Bust - 1/2 inch
Waist - 1 inch
Hips - 1 inch
Thighs - 1 inch off each
Arms - 1/2 inch off each

We drove over to a seafood market looking for some fish to make sushi. I really miss the Uwajimaya's Grocery Store in Oregon. We haven't found anything that even comes close down here. You would think that being on the coast in S. California that we would have amazing seafood and fresh produce selections. The produce in the store we went to was nasty and the seafood selection wasn't that impressive. We used to come out of Uwajimaya's with bags and bags of unbelievably fresh produce at an amazingly low cost. I could spend hours in that store just walking through the aisles looking at all the interesting foods from around the world. There must be somewhere like that here -- we just haven't found it yet. Why isn't there a wharf area to purchase seafood direcgtly from the fisherman or at least vendors like there is in San Franciso? No bazaars -- how bizarre.

1 cup oatmeal
1 cup DHA soymilk
2 T sliced raw almonds
1 banana
1 cup brown rice
1 oz raw tuna sliced (it didn't taste very fresh to me -- refused to eat any more of it)
4 oz mock crab
4 T shredded mango
4 T shredded cucumber
1/2 avocado
1/2 tsp fresh grated ginger
1 tsp sesame seeds
pickled ginger
soy sauce
rice vinegar

walk 20 minutes

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