Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Low Cal Day 2 - 132.6

Today originally began as an alternate fasting day, however it is my boyfriend's birthday. My son and I decided to bake him a lemon cake -- his favorite. We basically followed the recipe over on Tartelette's blog for her Ultimate Lemon Pound Cake, but we exchanged half of the recipe's sugar for splenda. I measured and my son mixed up all the ingredients. It was his first time making a homemade cake and it turned out beautifully.

We didn't actually serve the cake until around 8:00 pm. If you could have seen how the expression on his face fell when it came time to eat it and I mentioned that I was fasting today. There was no way any human being could have avoided eating that cake! So I had a slice and it was absolutely heavenly-delicious.

This is the first time I have not followed through on a fasting day. I said from the beginning that I was prepared to alter my fasting day if a warranted situation should ever arise. So far this is the only time that I really felt it was necessary to switch. Since today was not a normal eating day (all I had was a thin slice of cake), I may not have the energy to comfortably get through a day of fasting tomorrow. I will see what happens, but my intention is to fast tomorrow. If that doesn't work out, I will make tomorrow another low cal day and drink protein shakes.

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