Monday, February 18, 2008

Normal Day 42 - 129

I'm here, but I'm still recuperating from eye surgery on Friday. It's a little difficult to focus on the computer monitor and these steroid eye drops are giving me headaches. Other than that, everything is going well. I'm still alternate day fasting. My weights for the previous days are:

Feb 15 - 131.2 - Fasting Day 41
Feb 16 - 130.6 - Normal Day 41
Feb 17 - 131.4 - Fasting Day 42

We took our son go-kart racing on Saturday. He loved it, but he was terrified before, during and after his first race. Imagine if the first time you ever drove a car, it was racing 45 mph around an indoor track--you're trying to figure out the steering wheel, gas and break pedals, while navigating around a narrow, convoluted track with 11 or 12 other cars. He said he wanted to just get out of his car and run away. We encouraged and insisted that he do it again, besides we had already paid for 3 races. He reluctantly agreed. He did fabulously the second time and even better the 3rd time. After that, we had to drag him out of there.

On Sunday, my boyfriend and son had their first surfing lesson. I couldn't even go and watch because I'm not supposed to go near the beach for at least 2 weeks. (I considered taping a patch on my eye to keep out the sand -- best not to risk it though.) They both said that Kahuna Bob is an excellent instructor. Our son got up on his first try. My boyfriend got up after a few tries. Now, they want to get wetsuits and surfboards. They said it was way more fun than boogie boarding.

The Southwest Home Educators Association is offering what sounds like an extremely exciting adventure (Check out that boat in the link--gorgeous!) this fall for teenagers:

Sail Training program teaches students the basics of sailing, coastal navigation, seamanship, small boat handling, marine biology, and oceanography. Each student participates as a crew member assisting in raising the sails, manning the helm, standing watch and peforming hourly boat checks. Students learn marine biology and oceanography through hands-on labs and snorkeling excursions. This is a weekend (Saturday/Sunday) excursion and is a fantastic experience that students will remember for a lifetime

This vessel is a three masted square top-sail schooner, thoroughly modern with the latest in electronic navigation and communications equipment. Comfortable accommodations, restrooms and showers, galley with an excellent chef, and a single bunk for every participant!

Did they have this kind of stuff when I was a kid? If they did someone was hiding it from me! I booked both my son and boyfriend on the trip. My boyfriend will go as a chaperone. If he can't make it, I will go in his place. He doesn't get seasick, I do. I get over it quickly too. It sounds like so much fun, but I'm not sure I would be up for chaperoning half a dozen kids while trying desperately not to vomit. My aunt sent me a link to these anti motion sickness devices that you wear on your wrist. That's an option -- assuming they really work.

Today, we went to a seafood buffet. I stayed in control of my diet--which can be difficult to do at a buffet. I passed up all the rich desserts and had one almond cookie. I don't really like eating in restaurants--I feel too self conscious--especially at a buffet. I feel like people are watching me. I would rather do take-out and eat at home or a picnic somewhere.

My car is still at my boyfriend's work near the doctor's office. We were going to pick it up today, but my distance vision is still blurry. Is that a good sign? The day after my first eye operation my vision was crystal clear and then progressively deteriorated. I am far sighted and they informed me that this is more difficult to correct, because it basically means that your eye is too flat. It's easier to flatten out your eye than it is to try and make it bulge more. So hopefully this blurry vision means that the procedure was more successful this time and my vision will improve as my eye flattens back out. I can definitely see an improvement in my near vision. I have severe astigmatism in both eyes. It looks like they may have cleared up a lot of it in my left eye this time.

I'm not supposed to exercise for 2-3 weeks! I forgot about that one; after the previous surgery I didn't have any interest in exercising anyway. They said besides the risk of a physical injury to the corneal flap that sweat can be harmful to the healing process if it gets into the eye. Sometimes, it seems like these guys are making it up as they go along...and they probably are. I would think that mild exercise would actually speed up the healing process. They used to tell pregnant women to stay in bed and now we know that pregnant women should exercise instead. I wonder if this is similar?

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