Saturday, February 23, 2008

Fasting Day 45 - 129

Our internet service provider (COX) keeps having outages. I either can't get online or when I do, the connection is so slow that websites time out. I'm having to backpost to this blog. This also means our phone service is down because we use Vonage which relies upon our internet connection. My son cannot do most of his schoolwork, because his "classroom" is on the internet with My boyfriend needs it to connect to his work. We will be going with a different service provider when we move. Cox is too unreliable. However, their cable television service stays up and running -- maybe they should just stick with cable tv.

Today we drove over to the Mexico/California border. They have a large outdoor mall filled with outlet stores. I bought two pairs of Levi jeans: one pair is a size smaller and the other is two sizes smaller. They both fit. The larger size is a little loose, but I think they will shrink to fit perfectly once I wash and dry them. The other size fits perfectly now, but will probably be too small once they are washed and dryed. I will have to "shrink" into those.

2 protein/water shakes

walk 45 minutes

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