Sunday, February 3, 2008

Low Cal Day 1 - 132.6

Today I am experimenting with adding a low calorie day to my regime. I bought some protein powder and was surprised that it actually tastes good. I got a huge jar of MRM Whey Pumped, natural flavor. It has 87 calories a scoop. I mixed it with water and was thrilled to discover that it completely eliminated my hunger today. I had 3 glasses: one for breakfast, one for lunch and one for dinner. This low calorie day is extremely easy -- easier than fasting. I will definitely being doing this again, maybe once a week.

It is becoming apparent that the only person who can support me in my diet efforts is myself. There isn't any person or website or book or video that is going to be able to provide me with better motivation than that which I give myself. It is a lonely road, yes, very lonely. But I can do this, I am doing this. I won't let anyone get me so down that I give up and eat to bury the feelings within me. If someone has a problem with me -- it's their problem not mine. It's time for me to stop allowing other people to dump their personal hang-ups onto my psyche. My New Year's resolution is to stay away from mean, hurtful, small minded people. If I can't find anyone willing to be nice then "I'll walk alone, thank you".

3 protein shakes

Walked 30 minutes
3x12 leg extensions
3x10 sissy pushups

30 crunches -- would have done more but my left ovary is flaring up and each crunch was painful

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