Thursday, February 28, 2008

Fasting Day 47 - 129

I had a little hangover today -- I'm not used to drinking that much. I couldn't keep up with everyone and had to stop early. I felt like crap all day today.

We drove to Balboa Beach again, but didn't stay long today. We walked over to the ocean for a little bit. I wore protective goggles to keep the sand out of my eyes --I must have looked a little bit of a freak to the other people on the beach.

We went to see the movie, "The Signal". The scenes at the coctail party were amusing. The whole theater audience laughed -- all 5 of us. If they would have stuck with that kind of humor through the whole movie they would have had an underground hit on their hands. Instead -- it was just disturbing.

2 protein/water shakes

walk 1 hour

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