Thursday, February 7, 2008

Normal Day 37 - 131

I finally saw the movie, "The Last King of Scotland", today. Forrest Whitaker is such a brilliant actor. It's kind of odd that this is the movie he finally received an oscar for his performance, because he has played many more outstanding roles than this one throughout his career. It was an excellent performance -- more than worthy of an oscar -- but I've seen him give even more incredible ones. For example, the depth he gave to his character in the movie, "The Crying Game", was utterly amazing. When I am flipping through the index cards in my mind of brilliant performances I have seen, his portrayal of "Jody" in that movie always comes to the forefront.

I need to go buy a new pair of shoes. My old pair was getting grungy, so I tossed them into the washing machine. They completely fell apart--they are shredded into bits of plastic that couldn't even be glued back together. The bottom soles are now pitted with gaping holes dotted throughout and the entire bottoms ripped away from the shoes themselves. I was hoping they would last another month because my son's birthday is next week. I would rather buy him gifts just to see the joyous expression on his face than spend it on myself. I have trouble buying things for myself--I think other moms out there probably understand what I am talking about. The needs and desires of our children come first. If they would have lasted until next month, I was going to get myself a decent pair of actual "running" shoes.

We took the long route around the golf course today, but this time we walked in the opposite direction. My dog started to run when we reached the downhill section, he turned back to look at me when I didn't join in. I had on regular street shoes without any arch support. I guess I could have ran, but my feet would have slapped loudly onto the pavement with every step and would likely have resulted in injury to my shins or achille's tendon. It looks like I'll have to break down this weekend and get a pair of running shoes. (Hey, I know -- think of all the money I'm saving by only eating every other day -- surely the savings would cover the cost of a pair of good shoes!)

1.5 cups oatmeal, splash of soymilk and sweetened with splenda
small handfull of raw almonds
1 cup lentil soup
2 T kefir
1/2 cup cottage cheese
1 cup raw cabbage with red wine vinegar
1 morning star farms veggie sausage patty
1/8 of my son's sandwich (scrambled eggs, veg sausage on whole wheat, romano cheese and mayo)

Walked 1 hour

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