Saturday, February 9, 2008

Normal Day 38 - 129.6

Dropped below 130 pounds today -- yay! Even though this is my weight after FASTING yesterday and tomorrow my weight will probably be above 130 after eating today ... still ... yay !! My BMI is now 23.7.

It was a gorgeous day outside. We decided to head over to Mission Beach and rent bikes, alas, apparently so did the rest of San Diego county. We walked around for about 30 minutes, but it was too crowded and would have been WAY too crowded to try and ride a bike. Instead, we went over to the Little Italy district and ordered a pizza. Then we walked around downtown for a couple of hours. My boyfriend bought me a cute pair of strappy sandals at a little boutique because my feet had blisters on them from my flip flops and I was starting to limp. That was considerate and sweet of him.

2 cups lentil soup
1/2 cup shredded cabbage
1/2 cup cottage cheese
8 0z soy milk
1 scoop protein powder
5 almonds
1 slice cheese pizza with garlic (from a medium pizza)
1 beer
a couple bites of lemon cake
a couple sips of vanilla latte

Walked 2 hours
3x12 leg extensions, pushups (yes the girlie girl pushups)
3x25 crunches
3x50 reverse crunches

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