Monday, February 11, 2008

Low Cal Day 3 - 129.0 (Day 80)

Okay, maybe these low calorie days are not so wonderful after all. The first couple of protein shakes are palatable and refreshing, but after that they left a sweet aftertaste that made me slightly nauseous. I managed to choke down 4 of them throughout the day. Perhaps having a couple of different brands and/or flavors to switch between would help?

Anyway, this low calorie day does work well as a switch over day. My son's birthday is on Thursday and he loves to eat delicious food -- so do I. Now his birthday coincides with my eating day.

I downloaded a couple of yoga and pilate videos to try out. Ah, there is nothing like starting a new exercise routine to make you feel like an ungraceful clod. I found myself comparing my body with the 20-something yoga instructor's lithe physique on the video. Not a wise thing to do. Instead of feeling good about losing 26 pounds and improving my endurance and strength, I felt like a big blob of blubber -- in tights. It made me really grateful that I didn't sign up for yoga classes yet. By first practicing at home, I can develop coordination and - hopefully - save some of my dignity the first day in yoga class.

While we were shopping at Target yesterday, a man walked up to me and told me that I had really beautiful hair. I was shocked and managed to stammer out the words, "thank you". I cannot even remember the last time a complete stranger gave me a compliment. It seemed that the more overweight I was -- the more invisible I became to other people. It was as if I no longer "counted" as a human being. I was easy to dismiss and ignore -- people didn't even notice me. So BLESS YOU kind stranger, whoever you are, you really made me day!

4 protein/water shakes (87 calories each)

Yoga 20 minutes

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