Sunday, February 10, 2008

Fasting Day 39 - 129.6

I've managed to maintain the weight loss even after my eating day. I'm happy with that.

My son's 13th birthday is on Valentine's Day. I want to get switched around before then so that it falls on a normal eat day. We are planning on taking him go-kart racing. He has never driven a go-kart before and we think it sounds like something he might find exciting. I'm also trying to find out about signing him up for a surfing lesson -- if we are going to live in Southern California we might as well start acting like it.

One week ago my left ovary flared up and was more painful than usual. A day later the pain was gone -- COMPLETELY GONE. For an entire week now I have been 100% absolutely pain free for the first time in 10 years! Up until a couple of months ago, the whole lower left quadrant of my abdomen/pelvic region was in pain, then it shrunk to the area about the size of a quarter and now the pain is totally, completely, absolutely non-existent. It doesn't even hurt if I palpitate the area -- nothing -- completely painless, no tenderness whatsoever. I am shocked and thrilled and I hope this lasts!

1 87-calorie protein/water shake

Walk 1 hour
3x12 leg extensions, girl pushups
3x25 crunches, reverse crunches

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