Friday, February 8, 2008

Fasting Day 38 - 130.8

I bought a cheap pair of shoes at payless to get me through. I can't justify spending over $100 on a pair of running shoes when I'm not running all that much. These will hopefully do the job, they are lightweight and have good arch support.

I also have decided to add a protein shake or two on my fasting day. If it slows my weight loss, I will go back to straight water and diluted coffee/tea on fasting days. I was hungrier than I normally am while fasting, even after drinking a protein shake. What causes this? Why is it easy some days and difficult on other days? Is it hormonal, an electrolyte imbalance, energy expenditure from exercise, the foods consumed the day before, a deficiency in vitamins or minerals? Could it be from changing my routine by adding the extra low calorie day?

1 87-calorie protein/water shake

walked 45 minutes
gardening 1 hour (used a pitchfork to transfer the compost pile to a different place in the yard and worked up quite a sweat!)

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