Monday, February 25, 2008

Fasting Day 46 - 128.8

I don't want it to be true, but drinking these protein shakes on my fasting day might be what has slowed my weight loss. Maybe protein sparing isn't really necessary? I've read anecdotal stories claiming that while fasting -- old and diseased tissues are targeted before young and healthy ones. It is possible that the body has some sort of mechanism capable of this. We know so little about metabolism and even less studies have been done specifically on fasting metabolisms. I've noticed that my skin looks younger and the cysts and growths in my ovaries certainly seem to have been targeted in the first couple of months of alternate day fasting. The healing might also have something to do with the inflammatory response in my body lessening (this corresponds with studies on alternate day fasting).

Perhaps it's just the weather, but I've been experiencing some depressive episodes lately. I've read studies that memories and emotions might also be stored within the body itself, not just in the brain. (For example, Candace Pert's work with peptides being the molecules of emotion.) Could fasting be releasing depression inducing substances that were encapsulated within fat cells? We, emotional eaters, frequently eat to bury away our feelings. What if we truly are doing that -- what if our emotions are being stored in the fat tissue right beside the excess calories? Incapable of dealing with them in the past, we must once again deal with these feelings as they are released from their hiding places.

2 protein/water shakes

walk 45 minutes

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