Monday, March 17, 2008

Fasting Day 56 - 127

My weight has gone up 3 pounds today. I was fully anticipating the weight gain today after the dinner we had yesterday, but I still feel afraid and slightly discouraged. I'm getting impatient with reaching my goal weight and tired of having to resist certain foods on my eating day. I want a day to splurge on cheesecake and chocolates, but I know that I would only feel toxic and bloated the next day if I did.

I'm interested in seeing how quickly my body can rebound from yesterday's overindulgence. I would speculate that as long as people have walked upon this earth that there have been feasting days -- when the kill was good, or the catch, or whatever. In order to help things along, I went on two separate walks today of an hour each. Once in the early afternoon and again in the evening.

I walked over to our local library to see if they had Gary Taubes book, "Good Calories, Bad Calories". It wasn't on the shelf in the 'new books' section, so I went to the health section and looked at the other books for awhile. Then I decided to go look in their online card catalog to see if they even had the book (it is a very small library after all). It said that the book has just been returned. I rushed back over to the 'new books' section just as they were returning some books to the shelf. Yay! There it was and I grabbed it immediately -- my lucky day.

1/2 scoop protein powder

2 hours


Chris said...

You will enjoy the Taubes book. It is a challenging read but fascinating.

Muse said...

So far, it is fascinating.