Sunday, March 23, 2008

Fasting Day 59 - 127.4

It was difficult not to freak out today with the weight gain. Especially after the long hike yesterday, my calf muscles and butt are sore today. That was a good workout.

We went on two long walks today, one this morning and one in the afternoon. Then we went running this evening. By the end of the day my weight was back down to 126. So, apparently the weight gain has mostly been water from TTOTM (...that time of the month...). That is a relief.

Tonight was the final episode of this season's The L Word. I've heard that next season will be the final one and it will only have 8 episodes. The L Word is my all time favorite show (ok ... maybe it's tied with Doctor Who). No more weekly "Shane-FIX" for me. NOoooo! Can't some other network pick up the show?! Please... ?

1 scoop protein powder

Walk 2 hours
Run 20 minutes


Anonymous said...

Keep your chin up! You are my inspiration!

Muse said...


You are my inspiration too! Thank you for listening and all of your support!