Thursday, March 27, 2008

Fasting Day 61 - 125.6

I normally keep track of my daily food/exercise and then try to go back and write some little blurb before posting it to this blog, but lately I haven't felt like writing. I just went ahead and posted the past couple of days because I don't want to fall this far behind.

For the past few days, I've been considering maintaining my weight at 125 for a month or so. My body seems to want to stay at this weight anyway. Rather than fight against my body, why not go with it? It would be a good practice at learning how to do the maintenance phase. I will continue to do alternate day fasting. My goal instead of losing weight will be to maintain weight. Which should be really frickin easy because that is what my body WANTS to do anyway.

I know we all struggle with diet "plateaus" and fight against them. Maybe we should try accepting them and letting them 'just be' for awhile. My BMI is well within the normal healthy range for my height. It's not in the ideal range, but it is still healthy. It could possibly be healthier to just allow all the body systems to readjust for awhile. Maybe that is what a plateau is for. As long as our weight is already at a healthy point, why fight it? I'm going to continue fasting every other day, eating healthy foods on my normal days and exercising as often as I can on both.

I have a lot of emotional/mental work to do right now. I was so used to dieting not working for me that finding something that does work came as a surprise. I have a lot of sadness coming out right now from spending these past 10 years overweight. People can be cruel, but not as cruel as we can be to ourselves. A lot of issues are coming to the surface that were buried and hidden beneath the weight: shyness, social anxiety, insecurity, etc. I'm going to need to work on some of these issues if I want to keep the weight off, otherwise I'm concerned I would return to using food to build a fortess around myself.

1 scoop protein powder

Walk 1 hour


Anonymous said...

Excellent post! Many good points and a very healthy approach to dealing with your plateau. Your body has treated you kindly by losing 30 pounds in a relatively short amount of time, so that's only fair - give your body a break and let it clean house.
How about some "after" pictures now?
ps Hawaii is amazing, but jet lag is the pits! By supper time our eyes are crossing (there's a 6-hour time difference here).

Muse said...


I don't have any pics of me yet. I'm the one taking the pictures.

My son said, "Hawaii sounds uber hawt lawl!"

I hope you guys are having the best time ever!


pat said...

FWIW, I stumbled across your blog on Tuesday and was so intrigued with the concept of ADF, I googled it and did a lot of research on it.

I started the very next day.

I'm AMAZED that I feel good (other than a slight headache from caffeine deprivation on fast days) and I'm not feeling all that hungry, surprisingly enough.

I quit smoking 10 years ago and all-day-grazing became my substitute bad habit.

I'm finding, on fast days, that I'm looking for something to eat NOT because I'm hungry, but because I just want to eat.

If nothing more, if I can stick to this program for a while, I'm hoping to reprogram my brain to NOT look for something (nicotine or food) to entertain itself.

Glad I found you!