Sunday, March 16, 2008

Normal Day 55 - 124

Phew, we had quite a feast for dinner this evening. It was delicious. Is anyone else experiencing specific food cravings after alternate day or intermittent fasting? Maybe I always did, but I'm more aware of them now? I had been specifically craving lobster for many weeks now -- not seafood, but rather LOBSTER specifically. I cannot recall ever 'craving' lobster in my life. After dinner I wanted lemon liberally sprinkled with salt. Lemon and salt is something I've craved sporadically since I was a child. Hey, some kids eat dirt, others eat chipped paint -- for me it was lemons and salt. Not limes, not oranges, not tomatoes ... it had to be lemons.

1 1/2 cups oatmeal
8 oz DHA soymilk
20 raw almonds
1 banana
1/2 cup cottage cheese
1 nectarine
1/2 lobster tail
2 crab legs
melted butter
1 cup spring greens
1 T ranch dressing
1 cup brown rice pilaf with green onion & mushrooms
1 slice whole grain bread
1 glass chianti
2/3 of a chocolate brownie
8 oz milk
1/4 lemon dredged in sea salt

walk 30 minutes

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