Friday, March 21, 2008

Fasting Day 58 - 125.4

No more "Pants Off Dance Off" adventures for me, I bought a new pair of sweatpants today. I used to wear extra large bottoms; but I've lost weight, so I grabbed a few 'large' sweats in different styles off of the rack. Then I went to the dressing room to try them on -- they were HUGE -- no wonder my sweats were falling down last night. I went back and got some 'mediums' -- even they were a little on the loose side, but I picked out the pair I liked the best anyway. I prefer loose fitting comfortable clothes. Maybe wearing loose fitting clothing makes it easier to gain weight without noticing? You know... when you can still fit into the same size jeans you wore a few years ago -- its just that 'now' you'll rip the butt out if you bend over too quickly!

I went on two walks today, one early this afternoon and then again tonight with my boyfriend. An hour long walk is so easy now, it doesn't even feel like exercise anymore. It's too easy, time to add something more to my routine.

1 scoop protein powder

Walk - 2 hours

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