Saturday, March 1, 2008

Fasting Day 48 - 127.2

Still feeling queesy, but I started feeling better tonight. This is a new month, I'm not aware of any potentially diet sabotaging events coming up. Maybe I can get back on track now. My weight loss really slowed down this past month.

I went to a couple of different stores looking for aminophylline cream. Couldn't find any. I found several different types of 'cellulite cream' but none of them contained aminophylline. sells it but they don't currently have any in stock. They charge an extra fee -- above and beyond the normal cost of the product and shipping -- to preorder or backorder an item. That is ludicrous -- they expect their customers to pay extra because THEY don't have it in stock. Most businesses give customers a discount or special benefit for preordering an item. must be on drugs! I'll order it somewhere else!

3 protein/water shakes

walked 1 hour


Anonymous said...

Is it possible that your metabolism is slowing down, due to your caloric restriction? After a period of some weeks and months, it's normal for your body to do all it can to conserve energy when calories are low. People who practice CR experience a slowing of metabolism as well.

Muse said...

Yes, that is entirely possible.

However, fasting every other day definitely hasn't tripped the starvation mechanism the way that dieting or total fasting did. My body doesn't seem to "notice" all that much that it isn't being fed every other day.

My daily caloric requirement is also less now that I've lost over 25 pounds -- so the weight loss is going to be slower. I'm still losing weight fairly easily.