Thursday, March 20, 2008

Normal Day 57 - 124.2

My boyfriend and I went jogging again this evening. My sweatpants & panties kept falling down because they don't fit me any more. I held the leash in one hand and did a little hop step every few feet so that I could pull my pants back up with the other. It's a good thing it was dark outside.

(It's the little things that nobody warns you about when you begin a diet.)

french toast
(made with 2 pieces whole wheat & flax seed bread, 2 eggs, butter, cinnamon, splenda)

4 oz red snapper
1/2 artichoke

2 cups of homemade tapioca pudding
(made with coconut milk, milk, splenda, eggs, tapioca & a splash of rum)

a raid on my son's easter candy - until he chased me from his room
4 hershey kisses
5 pastel coated peanut m&m's
1 mound's candy egg

** There's a candy-coated-sugar-binge-ogre standing on the sidelines and waving a big sign with my name on it. I'm trying to pretend I don't see him. Maybe he'll just go away.

Walk/Jog 45 minutes

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