Friday, January 25, 2008

Fasting Day 32 -- 133.4

Went to see the movie Juno last night. The actress, Ellen Page, is entertaining to watch. She was nominated for an academy award for her performance. It would be nice to see her win, but I'm thinking the nomination might be one of the academy's infamous "we notice you as a brilliant actor" spotlights. Then again, it is up for Best Picture, Best Director, Lead Actress, and Original Screenplay -- she could win. She also gave an exceptional performance in the movie, Hard Candy. That isn't the type of film that would receive an oscar nomination -- too avant-garde. My boyfriend and son squirmed through one scene -- if you've seen it, I'm sure you know exactly what scene that was.

Walk 1 hour
leg extension, lat pulldown front, lat pulldown back, bicep curl
(3x12 reps)
pulled weeds in the backyard 30 minutes

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