Monday, January 7, 2008

Fasting Day 23 -- 142.0

Why the sudden weight gain? Hopefully it's just water retention as my body is nearing the end of a menstrual cycle. It's a bit frustrating and humorous. Imagine if you will... getting on the scale ... " What ?! " ... get off the scale ... get on the scale again ... off the scale ... shake the scale ... get on the scale ... kick the scale ... you get the picture.

Patience, I must have patience. The time will pass regardless of my actions. Patience. Breathe. Smile.


Allie said...

i have just found out about alternate day fasting and i'm doing some research. i came across a link to your blog in another location online...can't remember the original location now...but i'm reading your blog for inspiration and to get an idea of what to expect if i do attempt this way of getting back my health...i had to comment on this post because not only did it make me laugh out loud (as many other things you've said up to this point have done!!), but i was compelled to read it aloud to a few of my friends so they could laugh out loud with me :) thanks so much for such a detailed and insightful look into your struggles and accomplishments...perhaps i should start a blog somewhere when i start my own journey...?? might be a good thing to have to keep me on track, keep me honest and for posterity....hmmmm
loving your blog in canada,

Muse said...


Love it .. thanks!

I hope you do start a blog. We all inspire each other to stick with our goals and we find little 'tricks' to help each other. If you do send me the link and I'll share it here.