Thursday, January 10, 2008

Normal Day 24 -- 138.0

When you exercise and diet and still you gain weight and nobody believes you. If this is your story, know that I believe you, I experienced it too.

I'm convinced that there is a missing piece of the puzzle. I suspect it is something artificial that is clogging up the works. Perhaps a man made chemical that blocks a critical enzyme or hormone or receptor? Something that blocks the way and the body can't figure out what to do with it? Obviously, some people's bodies must be more adept at dealing with it. Alternate day fasting works well for me. Could it be giving my body a chance to clean out whatever is clogging up the works? It all seems so egotistical to say the weight loss is merely because I'm consuming fewer calories. There is something more causing this obesity "epidemic" I know it -- I feel it -- I can sense its presence so strongly that I can almost touch it.

I've given up trying to extol the virtues of this diet. I guess those who need it will find it the same way I did -- through questioning and research. That's unfortunate, because if someone had told me about this back when I first started having uncontrollable weight problems I would have kissed them with joy!

It is strange how when we gain weight, we are horrified by how much we weigh and think we are so disgustingly fat. However, when we lose weight, we are so happy just to get back down to that very same weight that we once complained about. I'm thrilled to weigh 138 pounds again. But oh how I cried when I first weighed over 130 pounds.

I walked up the hill behind the golf course today. There is a large vacant field overgrown with shrubs that overlooks the city beneath. It was beautiful and touchingly sad looking out over the setting sun and the strange misty orange skyline, watching the streaming red light of cars on the freeway down below as people make their way home from work. Some of this area was burned by the recent wildfire, it is all green now with fresh lime green grasses springing up everywhere. It's so calm, quiet and melancholy standing all alone on top of the hill. One of these days, I'll bring a camera along with me.

steamed broccoli
lentil minestrone
popcorn cooked in coconut oil topped with nutritional yeast & salt
slice of mozzarella cheese

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